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"You will believe that a duck can talk."

Howard the Duck is a comical movie about a duck from another planet. Howard resides on Duckworld, which is a planet that is a lot like Earth but houses other ducks like Howard. Howard is thrust to Earth by pure accident. He's in his apartment, reading a magazine, when his armchair ejects him skyward. Howard eventually lands on the planet Earth, in Cleveland, Ohio, to be exact.

As Howard gains his bearings, he happens upon a girl who is in trouble. A couple of thugs are giving her a hard time. Howard comes to her rescue by fighting them with his "Quack Fu" moves. The girl, Beverly (Lea Thompson) introduces herself to the hero duck and takes him back to her apartment.

Beverly introduces Howard to scientist Phil Blumburtt (Tim Robbins) in hopes that he can assist Howard in his return back to Duckworld. Later, it turns out that Phil is just a lab assistant and not a scientist as he claims.

Giving up hope, Howard decides to shun further ideas to get him home and takes a job as a janitor in a spa. Howard's boss turns out to be a jerk and Howard soon quits his job.

As he has no other person to turn to, he returns to Beverly. Beverly plays in a band called Cherry Bomb in the local club. The manager of the band is found to be a backstabbing man who talks behind the band's back. Howard ensures the band is released from an unfair contract and Howard takes over as the band's new manager.

Howard meets a Dark Overlord of the Universe during a trip to a restaurant. He forgets his manners and is rude to a waitress and a fight breaks out. The Overlord uses his special powers to destroy the restaurant and frees Howard at the same time. He kidnaps Beverly, wanting to take over the Earth.

Howard cannot find Beverly and begins a search. He is on the search for Beverly to rescue her from harm.

Once he locates her, he saves her from the Overlord. He is then put in a position where he must make a choice; save Beverly or destroy the laser that would return him to his home planet. He chooses to save Beverly.

| 1986 | 1 hr 50 min | 4.6/10 | 28/100
Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins, Ed Gale
Willard Hyuck

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