Il diavolo

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This charming independant Italian/Swedish film stars Alberto Sordi, Bernhard Tarschys, Inger Sjostrand, Ulf Palme, Ulla Smidje, Gunhild Gustavson, Barbro Wastenson, Gunilla Elm-Tornkvist, Lauritz FalK, Anne-Charlotte Sjoberg and Monica Wastenson and was directed by Gian Luigi Polidoro. The film follows the flirtatious romantic misadventures of a sly, wry and slightly naive Italian man-on-the-go, Amadeo Ferretti who has gone on holiday to Sweden. Horribly out of his depth and yet hopelessly entranced with the beauty and sexual frankness of the local woman, Ferretti goes about striking up flirtatious conversations with any woman who catches his mischievous eye. There's only one problem - Amadeo Ferretti is married.

1963 | 1 hr 43 min | 4.2/10
Richard Harrison, Walter Brandi, Annamaria Ubaldi, Gino Turini
Gian Luigi Polidoro
Il diavolo
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