In Search of Dr. Seuss

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A reporter is on the hunt for information about Dr. Seuss aka Ted Geisel. When she opens a magic book, Seuss’s most well-known characters take her on a journey through some of his stories where she learns about how his past influenced his books. The movie explores how and where the ideas of his most famous characters came. He created the Sneetches out of frustration from Hitler and the War. This film is more of a biographical story about him with some clips of his cartoons and songs. In Search of Dr. Seuss is a fun and informative movie for older children and adults.

1994 | 1 hr 30 min | 7.2/10
Kathy Najimy, Matt Frewer, Christopher Lloyd, Graham Jarvis
Vincent Paterson
Produced By
Keith R. Clarke, Joni Levin, Thomas A. Walsh
In Search of Dr. Seuss
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Also starring Kathy Najimy