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"From an unknown world... here to destroy ours!"
  • NR
  • 2017
  • 1 hr 41 min
  • 3.9  (749)

Insectula! is a low-budget horror-comedy movie that was released in 2015. Directed by Michael Peterson, the movie is a mix of science fiction, comedy, and horror. The plot revolves around a giant alien insect that comes to Earth and wreaks havoc on a small town in Georgia. The central character of the movie is Ricardo (Pasquale Pilla), a nerdy, socially-awkward scientist who discovers the alien insect while conducting research in the forest. He is initially excited by the discovery, believing it to be a new species of insect, but when the creature starts to grow rapidly and attack humans, he realizes that it poses a threat to the town.

Ricardo is joined by his lab assistant, Emma (Arielle Cezanne), who is smart, sassy, and tough-talking. Together, they try to warn the town officials about the insect, but the authorities are skeptical and dismissive of their warnings. As the insect continues to grow and multiply, Ricardo and Emma must find a way to stop it before it destroys the town.

The movie has all the elements of a classic B-grade horror movie, including cheesy special effects, over-the-top acting, and campy humor. The alien insect, which is a cross between a grasshopper and a prehistoric monster, is a suitably menacing creature. The insect's rampage is accompanied by an ominous, electronic soundtrack that adds to the movie's eerie ambiance.

The movie is also loaded with scenes that are meant to be comedic. There are numerous jokes that poke fun at the movie's low-budget production values, and the numerous cliches that are common to horror movies. For example, there is a running gag involving a character who always carries a chainsaw but never manages to use it.

Insectula! also features some impressive visual effects, given its low budget. The movie's insect is a combination of practical and computer-generated effects, and it is convincing enough to be scary. The movie's other visual effects, including explosions and fires, are also well-executed.

The cast of Insectula! is made up of relatively unknown actors, but they all do a good job with their roles. Pasquale Pilla is particularly effective as Ricardo, bringing a nerdy charm to the character that makes him likable. Arielle Cezanne is also strong as Emma, bringing a toughness and intelligence to the character that makes her a good foil for Ricardo.

Overall, Insectula! is an enjoyable horror-comedy that will be sure to entertain fans of B-grade horror movies. While it may not be a cinematic masterpiece, the movie is fun, gore-filled, and loaded with campy humor. It is a good reminder that you don't need a big budget to make an entertaining horror movie.

Insectula! is a 2017 horror movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 41 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.9.

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    3.9  (749)