Ishi, The Last Yahi

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The documentary Ishi: The Last Yahi, is an in-depth, thought provoking movie about a non-English speaking, half starved man who one day wanders out of the hills of central California and becomes imprisoned for trespassing for sleeping in a barn. Because the mysterious man speaks no English and looks to be Indian, anthropologist Dr. Alfred Kroeber is called in from the Museum of Anthropology in San Francisco. Kroeber also happens to be a linguistics expert and is overwhelmed when the man finally speaks. He is speaking in the language of a Native American tribe thought to have been driven to extinction some 40 years earlier. Narrated by Linda Hunt, learn about how this fascinating man, Ishi, survived in the wilderness, and the reason why he became the last Yahi.

| 1992 | 57 min
Jed Riffe and Pamela Roberts
Ishi, The Last Yahi
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