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  • 2013
  • 2 hr 5 min
  • 5.8  (113)

Ishq Garaari is a romantic-comedy movie from 2013, directed by Dheeraj Rattan and starring Sharry Mann, Gulzar Chahal, Vinaypal Buttar, and Mandy Takhar. The movie revolves around the lives of three friends - Preet (Sharry Mann), Jass (Vinaypal Buttar), and Garry (Gulzar Chahal) - who live a carefree and fun-filled life with their love interests.

Preet is a simple and down-to-earth guy who falls in love with Simran (Mandy Takhar), a beautiful girl who works in a TV channel. He tries to impress her with his charm but faces a tough competition from her colleague, Harpal (Rannvijay Singh). Meanwhile, Jass is a rich and spoilt brat who falls for Mahie (Prabhleen Sandhu), a bubbly and cheerful young woman. Initially, Mahie rejects his advances, but eventually, she starts falling for him. Garry, on the other hand, is a struggling actor who dreams of making it big in the film industry. He meets the gorgeous Reet (Isha Rikhi), a model, and falls head over heels in love with her. However, Reet has her own agenda and uses Garry for her own benefit.

As the story progresses, the lives of these three friends take unexpected turns, and they face various obstacles in their love lives. Preet struggles to win Simran's heart, while Jass faces a dilemma when Mahie comes to know about his real identity. Garry, too, faces a tough time dealing with Reet's manipulative and cunning ways. The movie explores the different facets of love and relationships - from the pure and innocent love of Preet and Simran to the selfish and materialistic love of Reet and Garry.

The movie also has a strong message about friendship and loyalty. Despite their differences and problems, the three friends stand by each other and support each other through thick and thin. They learn to value their friendship over their personal desires and work together to overcome their problems.

One of the highlights of Ishq Garaari is its catchy and foot-tapping music. The movie has some great songs, including Pooja Kiven Aa, Roohafza, and Dil De Varke, which became popular among the youth. The colorful and vibrant cinematography adds to the overall appeal of the movie, making it a visual treat for the audience.

Overall, Ishq Garaari is an entertaining and enjoyable movie that blends romance, comedy, and drama in the right proportions. The performances of the lead actors, especially Sharry Mann, are impressive, and the chemistry between the lead pairs is palpable. The movie has its share of funny moments and emotional scenes, which keep the audience engaged from start to finish. It is a must-watch for those who love romantic comedies and want to experience the joys and pains of love and friendship.

Ishq Garaari
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 5 min
  • IMDB Rating
    5.8  (113)