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  • Ages 12 and over
  • 2013
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 6.3  (11,168)

It Boy is a delightful romantic comedy from France that premiered in 2013. The movie, directed by David Moreau, centres around a successful 38-year-old Parisian magazine editor, Alice Lantins (Virginie Efira), who is married to her job. Alice is a fierce and dedicated boss who has no time for love or dating. She is always on top of things at work, but her personal life is non-existent. Despite her success, she still feels unfulfilled, and her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Balthazar Apfel (Pierre Niney), a 20-year-old charming student who is also an aspiring writer.

Alice’s life becomes chaotic when she accidentally switches her phone with Balthazar on a train ride. Balthazar, who is unemployed and looking for work, starts receiving personal and work-related messages on Alice’s phone, including emails from Alice’s boss, Vincent Khan (Charles Berling), who is interested in dating Alice.

Balthazar uses the opportunity to play the role of Alice’s executive assistant, responding to emails and setting up interviews on Alice’s behalf. Alice, on the other hand, is oblivious to what is happening, as she is busy preparing her next big project for the magazine.

As Balthazar gets more involved in Alice’s work and personal life, he begins to develop feelings for her. Alice, who is unaware that her assistant is actually her admirer, becomes increasingly impressed with his work and starts to rely on him more.

As Alice’s project deadline approaches, she feels more and more grateful for the assistance Balthazar offers. She is also drawn to him for his youthful charm and his passion for literature.

As the pressure of deadlines, work and love builds, Alice is forced to confront her feelings for Balthazar and her husband, but the tangled web she has gotten herself into could threaten her career, her marriage and her sanity.

One of the strengths of It Boy is its witty dialogue, with lots of hilarious one-liners and sharp exchanges between the characters. The comedy is understated and relatable, making the audience connect emotionally with the characters.

The acting is top-notch, with Virginie Efira delivering a stellar performance as the ambitious and slightly neurotic Alice. Pierre Niney is also charming as the young Balthazar, his awkwardness and charm making him a lovable character.

The cinematography is also stunning, with Paris serving as a beautiful backdrop for the film’s romantic themes. The city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River, are used to great effect throughout the movie.

Overall, It Boy is a heart-warming romantic comedy that explores the themes of love, ambition and finding oneself. It’s a perfect movie for anyone who loves Paris, romance, and a good laugh.

It Boy
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  • Release Date
  • MPAA Rating
    Ages 12 and over
  • Runtime
    1 hr 28 min
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (11,168)