It's Tough to Be a Bird

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  • G
  • 1969
  • 21 min
  • 6.8  (452)

It's Tough to Be a Bird is a unique and entertaining musical comedy film, blending animation with live action, released in 1969. The movie is directed by Ward Kimball, who is best known for his work on Disney's animated films, and produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film has a fabulous cast with Ruth Buzzi, Richard Bakalyan, and John Emerson taking on the lead roles.

The story delves into the lives of birds and their struggles to adapt to a rapidly changing world, where humans have taken over and disrupted their natural habitats. The film involves a variety of bird species, including a love story between two bluebirds, a seagull who is fascinated with airplanes, a woodpecker who is determined to drill through a metal pole, and many other entertaining characters.

The film opens with a brilliant animation sequence of the universe and the planet Earth. It then takes us on a journey of the evolution of birds, showing various species developing their unique traits to survive in the wild world. The narration is done by the renowned comedian, Richard Bakalyan, who adds humor to the story.

As humans start to build cities and skyscrapers, the birds are left with no choice but to adapt to their new environment. The film highlights the importance of preserving nature and the devastating effects of human actions on the environment. The birds' habitat is destroyed, and they are left to find new ways to survive.

One of the birds that face a lot of challenges in the film is the seagull named Scooter. He is fascinated by airplanes and dreams of flying one, unaware of the dangers that come with it. Eventually, he gets his chance to pilot a small plane and has to face the consequences of his actions, emphasizing the importance of the consequences of one's decisions.

Another notable character is a woodpecker, who has a desire to drill through a metal pole, despite his limitations. He keeps on trying, and his perseverance finally pays off, proving that determination and hard work can overcome obstacles.

The musical numbers in the film are excellent and enjoyable, with lyrics that are easy to sing along with. The songs were all written by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, who were known for creating catchy tunes for films such as Mary Poppins and The Jungle Book.

The animation sequences in the film are also impressive, with bright colors and intricate details that bring the birds to life. The film blends in live-action footage of birds with the animation seamlessly, making the transitions between the two elements elegant.

Overall, It's Tough to Be a Bird is a fun-filled and entertaining movie that both kids and adults can enjoy. The film has a clear message that emphasizes the importance of preserving the environment and taking steps to ensure the survival of various species. The comedy and musical elements of the movie make it a heart-warming experience that can leave you feeling satisfied and uplifted.

It's Tough to Be a Bird
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