Jane Doe

Jane Doe works as an arms manufacturer whose son is abducted and held hostage. The demands she receives in order to obtain the safe release of her son seem quite bizarre, but there is nothing this mother will not do in order to see her son remain safe and sound. The first thing she is told to do is purchase and learn to use a gun. She is then instructed to download files which are immediately deleted.

After doing as she is told and disposing of the gun, her boss is gunned down with the exact gun that she had been using. The abductors release her son into the safety of her arms, but now the police are searching for the pair in connection with the murder of her boss. They are both then taken hostage again, brought to a ranch where his father is waiting. Someone is up to no good, but it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly who that is.

Not Rated
| 2001 | 1 hr 31 min | 4.6/10
Teri Hatcher, Trevor Blumas, Mark Caven, David Hemblen
Kevin Elders
Jane Doe
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Also directed by Kevin Elders

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