Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo

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  • 2009
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 7.5  (112)

Jason Manford is one of Britain's most successful stand-up comedians and in 2009 he took to the stage at the Manchester Apollo to record his first live DVD. The DVD, simply titled 'Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo', captures Manford at the height of his comic powers as he regales the audience with a mix of anecdotes, observations and one-liners.

The show opens with Manford addressing the audience in his affable and self-deprecating style. He sets the scene by making observations about the city of Manchester and his roots there, which quickly establishes a rapport with the crowd. From there, he delves into a variety of topics, ranging from the trivial, such as his love of biscuits, to the more poignant, such as his reflections on the birth of his daughter.

One of the standout sequences of the show comes early on when Manford tackles the issue of obesity. He recounts a recent visit to a local hospital where he was struck by the number of overweight patients he saw, before launching into a hilarious routine about the perils of going on a diet. The routine is cleverly written and expertly delivered, with Manford showing his ability to tackle serious issues while still making the audience laugh.

Another highlight of the show is Manford's account of a disastrous holiday he took with his family to Florida. He takes the audience on a journey through the perils of long haul travel with children, as well as the various mishaps that occurred once they arrived at their destination. The routine is full of well-observed details and is delivered with just the right amount of exasperation to make it relatable to anyone who has ever had the misfortune of a nightmare holiday.

Throughout the show, Manford displays a deft control of pacing, varying the tempo to keep the audience engaged. He's equally adept at broad comedy as he is at more subtle observations, and he's able to seamlessly shift between the two without losing the crowd. The material is perfectly suited for a live performance, with plenty of audience participation and interaction.

It's not all light-hearted though, and Manford does touch on some darker themes. He shares his experiences of dealing with depression and anxiety, and how they affected his life both on and off-stage. These moments add weight to the set, and Manford handles them with sensitivity while still finding the humour in the situation.

The show culminates in Manford indulging in some classic observational comedy, poking fun at various aspects of modern life. He takes on everything from social media to football fans, and the audience laps up every punchline. It's testament to Manford's skill as a comedian that he's able to find humour in the mundane and turn even the most mundane of topics into side-splitting comedy.

Overall, 'Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo' is a masterclass in stand-up comedy. Manford is on top form throughout, delivering a set that's both funny and thought-provoking. It's easy to see why he's become such a popular figure in British comedy, and this show is a testament to his talent. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to his work, this DVD is an essential purchase for anyone who appreciates great comedy.

Jason Manford Live at the Manchester Apollo
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