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"The Screen Hails a New Serial Queen.....Mistress of an Empire of Savage and Beast!"
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  • 1941
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Jungle Girl is a classic adventure movie released in 1941. Directed by William Witney and John English, this film is set in the fictional African country of Ubangi, where a hidden tribe of people called the Ubanganes live. The movie tells the story of Joan Lawrence, played by Frances Gifford, an adventurous young woman who travels to Ubangi to search for her father who had gone missing years ago while exploring the jungle.

Upon her arrival, Joan meets Mike Patton, played by Tom Neal, a handsome and rugged safari guide who agrees to lead her into the jungle. Together, they face countless dangers, including deadly animals, treacherous terrain, and hostile tribes, as they journey to find Joan's father.

As they venture deeper into the jungle, they encounter a variety of colorful characters including the villainous Shamatan, played by Trevor Bardette, who is determined to take control of the Ubanganes and their valuable diamond mines. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, including kidnapping Joan and using her as a bargaining chip to gain control of the tribe.

With the help of a friendly tribe of natives and other allies they meet along the way, Joan and Mike fight to save the Ubanganes from the clutches of Shamatan and his murderous henchmen. Their journey takes them through treacherous swamps, over towering mountains, and across raging rivers, as they race against time to rescue Joan and prevent Shamatan from seizing control of the diamond mines.

The action-packed movie is full of thrilling chase scenes, death-defying stunts, and breathtaking landscapes, giving audiences a glimpse of the exotic African wilderness. The characters are well-defined and the actors deliver captivating performances that keep viewers engaged throughout the film.

Frances Gifford shines as Joan, a fearless and determined young woman who will stop at nothing to save her father and protect the people of Ubangi. Tom Neal is equally impressive as Mike, a rugged and resourceful safari guide who proves to be a valuable ally to Joan. Trevor Bardette delivers a convincing performance as the villainous Shamatan, whose ruthless pursuit of power makes him a formidable adversary for our heroes.

Overall, Jungle Girl is an entertaining adventure movie that provides plenty of excitement and thrills. With its impressive cinematography, exciting action sequences, and likable characters, this movie is sure to delight audiences of all ages. While it may feel dated to modern viewers, it's worth watching for its historical significance and its contribution to the adventure film genre.

Jungle Girl is a 1941 action movie. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.8.

Jungle Girl
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