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  • 2017
  • 1 hr 59 min
  • 6.0  (89)

Kadam Katha is a Malayalam movie which released in the year 2017. The film is directed by Senthil Rajan and is produced by Sadanandan Rangorath under the banner of Cinema Pattalam. The music of the movie is composed by Vishnu Mohan Sithara and the cinematography is done by Neil D'Cunha. The film features Joju George, Vinay Forrt, and Renji Panicker in the lead roles. Kadam Katha is a story about the journey of three different individuals who come from different backgrounds and how their lives intersect with each other. The movie explores themes of love, relationships, and coming of age.

The plot of the movie revolves around three characters, namely, Ashokan (Joju George), Gautham (Vinay Forrt), and Gauri (Athulya Chandra). Ashokan is a middle-aged man who works as a security guard at an apartment complex. He is very content with his life and has no major aspirations for the future. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Gautham, a young man who has just moved into the complex along with his mother. Gautham is a music composer who is passionate about his work. He is in search of new inspiration for his music and finds it in Ashokan's stories. The two form an unlikely friendship, and Gautham starts to see life in a new light.

On the other hand, Gauri is a young girl who is in love with Gautham. However, she is hesitant to express her feelings to him as she fears rejection. She admires Gautham's passion for music and is in awe of his talent.

As the story progresses, Ashokan, Gautham, and Gauri's lives become intertwined, and they start to learn from each other. Ashokan shares his life experiences with Gautham, and the latter finds new inspiration for his music. Gautham, in turn, helps Ashokan to rediscover his love for life and gives him a new perspective on things. Meanwhile, Gauri also learns to find her voice and expresses her love for Gautham.

The movie is a heartwarming story about how people from different walks of life can come together and learn from each other. The performances by the lead actors are outstanding, and they bring their characters to life with their impeccable acting skills. The chemistry between Joju George and Vinay Forrt is a highlight of the movie, and their on-screen partnership is a delight to watch.

The music by Vishnu Mohan Sithara is another standout feature of the movie. The songs are beautiful and add to the overall mood of the film. The cinematography by Neil D'Cunha also deserves a special mention as the scenic visuals of the movie are breathtaking.

Overall, Kadam Katha is a must-watch movie for anyone who loves heartwarming stories about human relationships. The movie is a beautiful portrayal of how people can learn from each other and grow together. The movie's strong message about the power of stories and music to heal and inspire is sure to have a lasting impact on audiences.

Kadam Katha
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    1 hr 59 min
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    6.0  (89)