Keane & Vieira: Best of Enemies

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  • 2013
  • 51 hr
  • 8.0  (68)

Keane & Vieira: Best of Enemies is a documentary film released in 2013, directed by Gabriel Clarke and Pete Thomas. The documentary portrays the intense rivalry between two of the biggest football clubs in England, Manchester United and Arsenal, through the perspectives of two legendary players from each club - Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira. The film also features interviews with a host of football personalities, including Tony Adams, Ian Wright, and Lee Dixon.

The movie focuses mainly on the rivalry between Keane and Vieira, who played as midfielders for their respective clubs in the late '90s and early 2000s. Clarke and Thomas use archival footage of matches between the two teams and interviews with players, coaches, and journalists to give viewers an inside look at what made the rivalry so compelling.

The movie explores how Keane and Vieira's different styles of play and personalities made them such fierce opponents on the field. Keane was known for his no-nonsense approach to the game, while Vieira was more of a finesse player. Keane was a fiery presence on the field, often getting into altercations with opposing players, while Vieira played with a calm and collected composure.

The movie also examines how the tension between the two players extended beyond the field of play. Keane and Vieira had several heated exchanges in the press, and their rivalry was often intensified by the media's coverage of their interactions.

One of the highlights of the film is an interview with Arsenal defender Tony Adams. Adams played for Arsenal during much of Keane and Vieira's rivalry and provides insightful commentary on the two players' impact on their respective clubs. He also offers viewers an inside look at what it was like to play against Keane and Vieira and shares some of his own memories of the intense matches between the two teams.

Throughout the film, Keane and Vieira are shown giving their own perspectives on what made their rivalry so fierce. Keane speaks candidly about his disdain for Arsenal and his opinion of Vieira's playing style, while Vieira offers his own insights into the tactics Arsenal employed to try to counter Manchester United's dominant midfield.

The documentary also delves into the off-field issues that affected both players. Keane infamously left Manchester United in 2005 after a falling out with the club's manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. Vieira struggled with injuries toward the end of his career and eventually left Arsenal to play for Juventus and Inter Milan.

Overall, Keane & Vieira: Best of Enemies offers a fascinating look at one of the most intense rivalries in English football. The movie effectively captures the passion, competitiveness, and drama that made matches between Manchester United and Arsenal so compelling during Keane and Vieira's playing careers. The film also provides an insightful look into the personalities and styles of play that made Keane and Vieira two of the greatest midfielders of their generation.

Keane & Vieira: Best of Enemies
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    51 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    8.0  (68)