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"Nevada: where the New West meets the Middle East."
  • NR
  • 2008
  • 1 hr 55 min
  • 2.2  (1,028)

Lady Magdalene's is a 2008 movie that revolves around a young man, Max Anderson, who is a senatorial aide to Larry Taft, a senator from a small western state. Max's life is about to take an unexpected turn when he is offered a job at Lady Magdalene's, a legal brothel that operates in Nye County, Nevada. As he starts working at Lady Magdalene's, Max finds himself in the middle of a heated political controversy that could not only cost him his job but also ruin his career.

The main character of the movie is Nichelle Nichols, who plays the role of Lady Magdalene, the owner of the high-end brothel. The movie also features Ethan Keogh as Max Anderson and Susan Smythe as Joanne.

Lady Magdalene's prides itself on being a legal brothel that offers a safe and clean environment for its customers. Lady Magdalene hires young and attractive women who are well-educated and experienced in the art of seduction. The women are allowed to choose their clients, and they are paid well for their services.

The brothel is a well-oiled machine, and Lady Magdalene runs it with an iron hand. She takes pride in her establishment and her employees, and she is fiercely loyal to them. However, Lady Magdalene faces a challenge when Max Anderson arrives at the brothel.

Max is a straight-laced young man who is just starting his career in politics. He is shocked when he discovers that he has been offered a job at a brothel, and he is even more surprised when he meets the women who work there. Max is appalled by what he sees, and he thinks that the brothel is immoral and that it should be shut down.

However, Max's opinions are soon put to the test when he starts working at Lady Magdalene's. He is assigned to the VIP room, where he meets the high-end clients who pay top dollar for the services of the women. Max is surprised to find that the women are not only beautiful but also intelligent and charming. He starts to see them as people with feelings and dreams, rather than just objects of desire.

Max's job at Lady Magdalene's becomes even more complicated when Larry Taft, the senator he works for, comes to visit the brothel. Taft is a conservative politician who is running for re-election, and he wants to shut down the brothel as part of his campaign. Taft's visit sets off a chain of events that will change Max's life forever.

Lady Magdalene's is a movie that deals with some controversial themes, such as politics, prostitution, and morality. The movie gives the audience a glimpse into the world of legal brothels in Nevada, a state where prostitution is legal in certain counties. Lady Magdalene's shows that sex work can be a legitimate business that offers its employees a way to make a living in a safe and regulated environment.

The movie also deals with the politics of prostitution, and the way that politicians use morality as a weapon to gain votes. Taft's character represents the conservative viewpoint that prostitution is immoral and should be banned, while Lady Magdalene represents the more liberal view that sex work is a legitimate business that should be regulated.

Overall, Lady Magdalene's is a movie that explores some controversial themes in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. The movie offers a balanced view of legal brothels in Nevada and the politics that surround them. The movie also features great performances from the cast, particularly Nichelle Nichols, who is excellent in her role as Lady Magdalene. Lady Magdalene's is definitely worth watching if you are interested in exploring the politics of prostitution and the way that sex work is regulated in the United States.

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