Last Great Wilderness

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  • 2003
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.6  (506)

Last Great Wilderness is an independent British film from 2002 directed by David Mackenzie. It's a dark comedy that tells the story of two men, Charlie and Vincent, who are very different from each other but share a common goal: to escape their past and start a new life. Charlie is a musician who is on the run from his girlfriend's vengeful husband, while Vincent is a timid businessman running away from his wife, who has left him for another man.

The two men travel through the Scottish Highlands, but, unfortunately, their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and they are forced to seek shelter in a seemingly abandoned hotel. They soon discover that the hotel is not quite as empty as they first thought, and they find themselves thrust into a bizarre and tumultuous world of desperation, survival, and madness.

The film's central theme is the tension between what we perceive as reality vs. what is actually happening. The movie plays with the audience's expectations and keeps them guessing throughout, leading up to a final twist that recontextualizes many of the events preceding it.

While there is tension and darkness in the film's tone, there are also moments of humor, and the film is never overly grim. The comedic elements serve to counterbalance some of the darker themes in the movie, which include infidelity, deceit, greed, and murder.

The standout performance comes from Alastair Mackenzie as Charlie, the musician on the run. He portrays a man haunted by his past, constantly looking over his shoulder, and trying not to let his fears consume him. Jonny Phillips is also excellent as Vincent, the timid businessman. His character is gradually pushed out of his comfort zone as the events of the film unfold, giving him an opportunity for redemption.

The Scottish Highlands serve as an atmospheric backdrop for the film, offering breathtaking landscapes that underscore the isolation and desperation of the film's characters. The hotel itself is a character in the film, with its peeling wallpaper and flickering lights creating a sense of unease and decay.

The music in the film is crucial, with Charlie's guitar playing serving as a constant source of solace for both himself and the other characters. The score is suitably eerie, with elements of traditional Scottish folk music adding to the atmosphere.

Overall, Last Great Wilderness is a well-crafted and intriguing film that keeps the audience engaged and guessing until the very end. It's a darkly comic exploration of the human psyche and how people react when pushed to their limits. The film's unique subject matter and off-beat humor make it an interesting watch for viewers seeking something different from the usual Hollywood fare.

Last Great Wilderness
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