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  • 1946
  • 58 min
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Lawless Breed from 1946 is a Western movie that tells the story of a young man, Bob Wade, who becomes a notorious outlaw after his family is killed. The movie stars Kirby Grant as Bob Wade, Fuzzy Knight as his sidekick, and Jane Adams as the woman who loves him but cannot change his ways. The movie begins with Bob and his family being attacked by a group of bandits led by a man named Sam Crew. Bob is the sole survivor of the attack, and he vows to avenge his family's deaths. He sets out on a journey to find Crew and his men, but along the way, he is falsely accused of a crime and sent to prison.

In prison, Bob meets a man named Windy Hornblower, who becomes his friend and mentor. Windy teaches Bob how to use a gun and survive in the harsh and violent world of the Wild West. After serving his sentence, Bob is released from prison and resumes his quest for revenge.

Bob eventually finds Crew and his gang and engages them in a fierce gunfight. In the end, Bob emerges victorious, but he is wounded and forced to flee the scene. He seeks shelter at the home of a young woman named Mary, who tends to his wounds and helps him recover.

Mary falls in love with Bob and begs him to give up his life of crime and settle down with her. Bob is torn between his love for Mary and his thirst for revenge. He eventually decides to confront Crew one final time, and the two engage in a brutal gunfight that leaves both men dead.

The movie ends with Mary mourning Bob's death and reflecting on the senselessness of violence and revenge. She realizes that Bob's legacy will be one of lawlessness and bloodshed, and she vows to do what she can to prevent others from falling into the same trap.

Lawless Breed from 1946 is a classic Western movie that features all the familiar tropes of the genre. There are gunfights, horse chases, and rugged landscapes. The dialogue is straightforward and often clichéd, but the performances by the actors are solid and believable.

Kirby Grant is convincing as the brooding and vengeful Bob, while Fuzzy Knight provides comic relief as his bumbling sidekick. Jane Adams is beautiful and sympathetic as Mary, but her character is unfortunately underdeveloped and mostly exists to serve as Bob's love interest.

The movie was directed by Raoul Walsh, a veteran filmmaker who was known for his Western and adventure movies. Walsh's direction is efficient and workmanlike, but it lacks the creativity and visual flair of some of his more celebrated films.

Overall, Lawless Breed from 1946 is an entertaining but forgettable Western movie that will appeal to fans of the genre. It doesn't break any new ground or offer any surprises, but it delivers what it promises: a simple, satisfying tale of revenge and redemption in the Wild West.

Lawless Breed
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