Lebanon is an Israeli war film set during the 1982 Lebanon war. This film is shot from the view of a tank making it seem as if you were inside the tank looking out. The four Israeli soldiers inside are Shmuel the gunner, Assi the commander, Herzi the loader and lastly Yigal the driver. These four soldiers are just over 20 years old, have never fought in a war before and are dispatched to a hostile town. What they thought eould be a simple mission took a turn for the worse very quick, however being inside of a tank in this town was an adavantage.

Situation after situation starts taking its toll on these soldiers, testing them mentally. However, they manage to remain as calm as possible, stay strong and try to just survive. With everything going on around them, inside the tank and out, it's hard for the men to hold onto their sanity as they feel their humanity slipping away.

These Israeli solders were sent to Lebanon to clear out an area for Lebanese citizens and they were instructed to do so at any means possible. They were allowed to use phosphorus grenades even though they are forbidden. The soldiers just hid the fact that they used them by give the grenades a code word. Shmuel is a bit concerned due to the fact he has never fired a tank cannon in a war situation, so he’s hesitant at first. As a result of hesitation one of his fellow soldiers is killed.

The soldiers try to keep sanity even in the deteriorating state of the tank and everyone inside. The occasional communication equipment failures and navigational problem don’t help the stress levels of any one either so they argue as well. Between the scorching heat, the war zone atmosphere and the claustrophobic conditions, these men do not know how much longer they will last any more.

| 2010 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.9/10
Samuel Maoz

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