Loyiso Gola: Unlearning

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  • 2021
  • 1 hr
  • 5.9  (217)

Loyiso Gola: Unlearning is a 2021 stand-up comedy film directed by Fraser Macdonald and starring the South African comedian Loyiso Gola. The film was produced by Netflix and first premiered on the platform on March 23, 2021, as part of their slate of comedy specials. The film features Loyiso Gola performing live in front of a small audience at the Wembley Arena in Johannesburg, South Africa. Over the course of the hour-long performance, Gola delivers a set filled with sharp social commentary and jokes about his own experiences growing up in post-apartheid South Africa.

One of the central themes of the film is the idea of unlearning, which Gola describes as the process of letting go of old ideas and beliefs in order to make room for new ones. Gola points out that this is a difficult process, but one that is necessary if we want to grow and evolve as individuals and as a society.

Throughout the performance, Gola tackles a wide range of topics, including race, politics, identity, and culture. He jokes about the absurdity of racial classifications and the ways in which they have been used to justify discrimination and oppression. He also reflects on his own experiences growing up as a black man in South Africa and how those experiences have shaped his perspective on the world.

Gola's humor is razor-sharp and often politically charged, but it is always balanced by his warmth and good-natured wit. He is a skilled storyteller who is able to weave together complicated ideas and personal anecdotes into a cohesive and entertaining narrative. His delivery is confident and engaging, drawing the audience in and keeping them hooked from beginning to end.

One of the standout moments in the film comes towards the end, when Gola uses a series of props and inventive lighting effects to draw attention to the power dynamics that exist in society. He invites the audience to consider how our physical environment and the things we surround ourselves with can influence our perceptions of ourselves and others.

Overall, Loyiso Gola: Unlearning is a smart, funny, and thought-provoking comedy special that showcases the unique humor and perspective of a talented comedian. Through his jokes, Gola challenges us to think critically about the world around us, while also reminding us of the importance of laughter and connection in times of turmoil. Whether you're a longtime fan of Gola's work or new to his comedy, this film is definitely worth watching.

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    1 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (217)