Mafietta: Rise of a Female Boss

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  • 2022
  • 56 min

Mafietta: Rise of a Female Boss is a 2016 crime drama film that revolves around the story of a young girl named Aria (Chandra Davis) who rises to power in the male-dominated world of organized crime in Atlanta. The film is directed by Trey Haley and stars Frank Coleone, Chandra Davis, and Diallo Edmond in lead roles. The film takes place in the backdrop of Atlanta's underworld where Aria, a talented computer science graduate, is struggling to find a job. Frustrated with her unsuccessful job search, she decides to take a risk and get involved with a criminal organization. Aria's intelligence and computing skills quickly capture the attention of the organization's boss, Mr. B (Frank Coleone), who sees her potential and hires her.

As Aria starts to climb the ranks in the organization, she faces several challenges and obstacles due to her gender. The men in the organization are skeptical of Aria's abilities and question her loyalty. However, Aria is determined to prove herself and earn their respect.

Aria's journey in the organization is not easy. She is constantly under pressure to make the right decisions and stay ahead of rival criminal organizations. Despite being surrounded by violence and danger, Aria never loses sight of her ultimate goal – to become the boss of the organization.

The film is a unique take on the classic rise-to-power storyline, as it focuses on a female protagonist in a male-dominated setting. The movie highlights the struggles that women face in male-dominated fields and the constant obstacles that they need to overcome to achieve success.

The acting in the film is impressive, with Chandra Davis delivering a powerful performance as Aria. She is convincing in her portrayal of a determined and resourceful woman who is not afraid to take risks to achieve her goals. Frank Coleone is equally impressive as Mr. B, the ruthless and cunning boss who sees potential in Aria.

The film's screenplay is well-written and keeps the viewers hooked throughout. The pacing of the film is impressive, with each scene building up to the climax. The film also sheds light on the inner workings of organized crime, and how it impacts the lives of people involved in it.

The cinematography and music score complement each other well and enhance the overall viewing experience. The film's editing is also well-done, as it seamlessly transitions between scenes and maintains the continuity of the storyline.

In conclusion, Mafietta: Rise of a Female Boss is a must-watch for those who enjoy crime dramas and films that break gender stereotypes. The film is a refreshing take on the classic rise-to-power storyline and is a great example of how women can succeed in male-dominated fields. The characters, acting, screenplay, and direction are all top-notch, making it a great watch for film enthusiasts.

Mafietta: Rise of a Female Boss is a 2022 crime movie with a runtime of 56 minutes.

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