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"No invasion can withstand Mexicanpower!"
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  • 2018
  • 1 hr 26 min
  • 4.0  (210)

"Marcianos vs Mexicanos" is a 2018 Mexican animated comedy film directed by the brothers Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste and produced by Huevocartoon Producciones, the same production company known for the popular "Una Película de Huevos" and "Otra Película de Huevos y un Pollo." The film brings a classic science fiction trope, the invasion of Earth by Martians, and gives it a comedic twist flavored with Mexican culture, stereotypes, and humor.

The story revolves around a Martian invasion of Earth, where the extraterrestrial beings aim to conquer the planet and subdue its inhabitants. In a surprising turn of events, Mexico becomes the unexpected resistance force against the Martian threat. The movie showcases a variety of quirky and symbolic characters that tap into Mexican stereotypes and archetypes, ranging from luchadores (wrestlers) to grandmothers, each contributing to the country's comedic defense strategy against the advanced alien invaders.

The voice cast features some notable talents in the Mexican entertainment industry, with Omar Chaparro, Ricardo Hill, and Eduardo Manzano lending their voices to key characters. They bring to life a colorful and eccentric ensemble of heroes who embody the idiosyncrasies and strengths of Mexican culture, playing on national pride while engaging in stereotypical humor that's intended to be taken with a pinch of salt. The cast’s vibrant performances add personality and charm to the characters, enhancing the overall comedic experience.

Omar Chaparro, a well-known comedian and actor in Mexico, voices one of the lead characters who is central to the human resistance. His character, like many in the film, is a caricature laden with Mexican cultural references, and Chaparro’s performance adds to the character's authenticity and likability. Chaparro’s involvement is indicative of the film’s ambition to present a star-studded voice cast to attract audiences with familiar names from Mexican entertainment.

Ricardo Hill and Eduardo Manzano play supporting characters within the story, contributing to the diverse tapestry of Mexican archetypes and cultural figures present in the film. Their performances complement Chaparro's, rounding out a comedic ensemble that is both ridiculous and endearing. The characters portrayed by Hill and Manzano also serve to highlight the film's playful use of pop culture references and social commentary through the lens of an alien invasion narrative.

"Marcianos vs Mexicanos" uses its premise to explore and satirize various aspects of Mexican society. It pokes fun at politics, television, family dynamics, and societal norms. It also delves into the theme of unity; despite the humorous depiction of over-the-top characters and their antics, the underlying message is about coming together in the face of a common threat. The film's use of humor is meant to transcend the divisions found in society, showcasing how diverse people can collaborate when their survival is at stake.

From a visual standpoint, the film embraces a vibrant and cartoonish art style that is reflective of its playful and irreverent tone. The animation is lively, with bold colors and exaggerated character designs that resonate with the film's humorous approach. The Martians are depicted with a characteristic sci-fi look often associated with space invaders, but with a twist unique to the movie's comedic sensibilities.

In terms of soundtrack, "Marcianos vs Mexicanos" features an array of music that includes both original compositions and well-known Mexican songs, all of which serve to enhance the cultural atmosphere of the movie. The music plays a crucial part in both setting the scene and supporting the comedic timing, assisting in the delivery of jokes and punchlines meant to resonate with Mexican audiences.

It's important to note that the humor in "Marcianos vs Mexicanos" is deeply rooted in Mexican culture and might be best appreciated by those familiar with its nuances and contexts. International audiences may miss some of the more localized jokes or cultural references but can still enjoy the film’s broad humor and universal themes.

Throughout its running time, the film maintains a lighthearted and entertaining tone, rarely taking itself too seriously. This sense of fun drives the narrative forward and keeps audiences engaged with the ridiculous yet charming plight of the characters.

"Marcianos vs Mexicanos" can be regarded as a celebration of Mexican identity, cloaked in the garb of a playful alien invasion tale. As the story unfolds without revealing spoilers, it reinforces the idea that heroism and the strength to face adversaries can come from the most unlikely and uniquely individual places, even in the face of otherworldly foes. Although its reception was mixed, with critique often targeting its reliance on stereotypes and low-brow humor, the film has its merit as a piece of entertainment that captures a facet of the Mexican zeitgeist in animated form.

Marcianos vs Mexicanos
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