Men at Lunch

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This is a documentary film about the building of skyscrapers in New York City. The iconic photograph, "Men At Lunch", is a photo of 11 men taking their lunch break while building a skyscraper in New York City. It was 1932 and these men were sitting on a girder, over 800 feet above the city. They did this work daily, getting higher and higher, and took their meals and breaks without going back to the ground far below.

This documentary takes an in-depth look at those brave men who built the skyscrapers during the 1930's. These men braved the possibility of falling to their deaths every day they worked.

Not Rated
| 2013 | 1 hr 18 min | 6.3/10 | 53/100
Fionnula Flanagan, Peter Quinn, Ric Burns, Christine Roussel
Sean O Cualain
Men at Lunch
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Also directed by Sean O Cualain

Also starring Fionnula Flanagan