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  • 2017
  • 4.8  (700)

Michael Jackson's Halloween is a fun animated movie from 2017 that families can watch together. The film takes place on Halloween night when two young people, Vincent (Lucas Till) and Victoria (Kiersey Clemons), accidentally stumble into a spooky hotel known as the "This Place" Hotel. Once inside, they meet several strange characters, including a bellhop named Ichabod (Jim Parsons), a scarecrow named Hay Man (Brad Garrett), and a cat named Bubbles (Christine Baranski).

But the real surprise comes when they are introduced to the one and only Michael Jackson, who appears in the movie as an animated dancing ghost. Jackson's character guides them through the hotel, showing them its many hidden secrets and magical rooms.

The plot is fairly simple, and the focus is on the various musical numbers and dance routines. There are several Michael Jackson songs featured in the movie, including "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," "Dangerous," and "Scream." The movie's soundtrack also includes other popular artists like Rancid, Ray Parker Jr., and Outkast.

Brad Garrett's Hay Man is one of the movie's standouts, providing plenty of laughs with his corny jokes and physical humor. The character is a bit of a misfit among the more serious hotel staff, but he quickly wins the hearts of Vincent and Victoria with his kindness and bravery.

Lucas Till and Kiersey Clemons also do a good job as the movie's human protagonists, adding a relatable element to the plot. Their characters are a bit clichéd (Vincent is a brooding loner, while Victoria is a bubbly overachiever), but they fit in well with the rest of the movie's whimsical tone.

One of the highlights of the movie is the animation style. It's bright, colorful, and reminiscent of classic Halloween cartoons like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Each room in the hotel has a unique look and feel, ranging from spooky forests to neon-lit dance parties.

There's also a nice message at the heart of the movie. Without giving too much away, it's all about accepting people for who they are and not judging them based on their appearance or quirks. It's a message that will resonate with both kids and adults.

Overall, Michael Jackson's Halloween is a fun, family-friendly movie that's perfect for the spooky season. It may not be groundbreaking or particularly deep, but it's a lighthearted tribute to the King of Pop and the magic of Halloween.

Michael Jackson's Halloween
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