Mr Bones

Mr. Bones is a comedy/action movie starring Leon Schuster and Faizon Love. This movie debut in 2001 and was shot in South Africa. At this time, the movie was the highest grossing movie in South African cinematography history. The overall theme of the movie picks fun of the stereotypes of South African blacks. The movie made over thirty three million dollars at the box office and helped promote African films in the world. Leon Schuster also wrote the screenplay for the movie as well as the main actor of the movie. He stated that he could not think of a better actor than himself for the main character of the movie.

The movie begins with a brief look over an underdeveloped city of Africa. Mr. Bones is first seen as a very young child who survives a plane crash and is saved from the rubbish. As he gets older, he becomes a prophet as well as bone throwing vigilante. Across the country the king of Kuvukiland (underdeveloped city) is hoping for a male successor. He has children, but all seventeen of them were all girls. Desperate for a child he turns to wife hoping for an answer, she then reminds him that he has fathered one male child back in Sun City years ago.

He contacts Mr. Bones and tells him to search for his long lost son and bring him home. Unknown to the king, his son has become a very popular and powerful golfer. He currently is golfing in a championship game in which he is the favorite to win. Vince (the king's son) almost wins the match, but falls short on one final birdie. More misfortune strikes when he finds his mentor has been sent to the hospital for unknown reasons. This horrible news causes Vince to play horribly, until he meets Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones acts as his good luck charm through out the remainder of the match. He finally wins and is reunited with his father.

| 2001 | 1 hr 47 min | 4.6/10
Gray Hofmeyr
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Mr Bones