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"Childrens narrative about the origins of Islam"
  • TV-G
  • 2002
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 7.5  (1,527)
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Muhammad: The Last Prophet is a 2002 animated movie that depicts the life story of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad. The film is produced in a way that is suitable for both adults and children and was directed by Richard Rich, the famous director of the animated film The Swan Princess. The core of the story of the movie Muhammad: The Last Prophet is that of the life and journey of Muhammad, one of the most important figures in the Islamic faith. The movie starts with what was the culture and tradition of the Arab community in Mecca and how that eventually led to the birth of Muhammad. It then goes on to show how he was raised by his grandfather and later by his uncle after the death of his parents.

The story then takes us to his young adult years where we see him taking on his first job and later marrying his wife, Khadijah. However, what stands out in the plot is how Muhammad had a deep desire to understand the mysteries of the world and where he was able to find that deeper understanding through his interactions with nature and after hearing voices from an angel in his dreams.

As Muhammad grew older, he became increasingly concerned with the social issues of his time and became very critical of the wealth and power concentrated in the hands of a few within the community, and how the poor were being oppressed. Through his revelations, he was able to present a message of equality and compassion towards all of humanity. Thus, we see how his message started to spread through the Arab world and how he was gradually able to gain a following.

As he gained a larger following, Muhammad faced increasing opposition from the current religious and social structure. The movie depicts how Muhammad and his followers faced persecution from the Makkans, who were the dominant group at the time, and how he was able to overcome these obstacles through a series of selfless acts.

The climax of the movie is Muhammad's triumph in the Battle of Badr, where his army of 313 men was able to defeat the far stronger Meccan army of 1000 men. This marked the turning point in the story of his life, as we see how he was able to assert his authority and create a peaceful society that was based on social justice and human rights.

Overall, the movie Muhammad: The Last Prophet is an animated movie that takes you through the entire timeline of Muhammad's life, early days until the time of his death. It showcases his struggles against injustice and his tireless pursuit of peace and social justice. The animation is high quality and beautifully crafted, with detailed scenes of Mecca and other places significant in the life of Muhammad. The voice acting is also excellent, with Nicholas Kadi doing an excellent job of bringing the character of Muhammad to life.

The film is an excellent introduction to the life of the Islamic Prophet and is recommended for both adults and children. It offers a fascinating insight into the life and times of one of the most revered figures in the Islamic faith, and the animation makes it more accessible to a broader audience. It serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion, justice, and equality in our society and how these ideas were at the forefront of Muhammad's message.

Muhammad: The Last Prophet
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