My Bollywood Bride

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A struggling writer named Alex visits the beach one day and meets a beautiful women from India named Keena. They spend time together getting to know each other and fall madly in love. But there is one problem, Keena is promised to another, a man named Shekhar from her native country. Keena turns away from Alex because of her faithfulness to her parents, who arranged the marriage to Shekhar. She returns to India, and a devastated Alex follows her there to win her over.

Once Alexs arrives in India, he tries to get Keena to commit to him, but she thinks that she owes Shekhar because he has made into a famous actress and she feels that she owes him for her success. But as fate would have it, she finds out that Shekhar is having an affair behind her and her parents back, but once he is found out to be the scoundrel that he is, her parent give her permission to be with Alex, which is the one she truly loves.

2006 | 1 hr 35 min
Jason Lewis, Kashmira Shah
Rajeev Virani
Produced By
Brad Listermann, Dr. Daljit Buttar, Duncan Clark, Douglas Falconer, Ruchi Gupta, Harit Kapedia, [[]], Richard Martini, Ashok Rao, Vivek Wadhwa
English with some Hindi
My Bollywood Bride
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Also directed by Rajeev Virani