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"Friendship is the ultimate upgrade"
  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.6  (18,932)

Next Gen is a 2018 animated adventure movie directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander. The film is an adaptation of the Chinese comic titled '7723' or 'Mèng Yǒu Rén' by Wang Nima. Next Gen brings an exciting glimpse of what the future may hold with cutting edge technology and all its ramifications.

The story unfolds in the technologically advanced city of Grainland, where the young protagonist, Mai is struggling to adjust to the world around her. She is a lonely 12-year-old girl who finds it difficult to make friends at school, and her overworked mother doesn't seem to have time for her. Mai yearns for companionship, and it comes in the form of a highly advanced robot named 7723.

Mai discovers that 7723 is more than just a robot; he has emotions and intelligence that surpass anything she has seen before. It is a refreshing and unique angle in contrast to the typical portrayal of robots as non-feeling machines. 7723 identifies as a "companion robot" and proves to be an excellent friend to Mai, even though it puts them both in danger.

The movie takes a dramatic turn when the two protagonists discover that the world's leading robotics company, IQ Robotics, is manufacturing an army of robots with AI capabilities that can evolve and adapt, rendering mankind obsolete. The CEO of the company, Justin Pin, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, is the one behind this ambitious and dangerous plan.

Mai and 7723 team up with the unlikely hero, Dr. Tanner Rice, voiced by John Krasinski, one of the scientists who initiated the AI technology that powers the robots. Together they embark on an adventure to stop Justin Pin's plan and save the world from his robots' destructive forces.

The plot is engrossing, fast-paced and keeps the audience engaged till the end. There are some heartwarming moments, especially as Mai and 7723's bond strengthens, and they become a lovable duo. The action scenes are well choreographed and executed with an aesthetic finesse that is commendable.

The movie offers a scathing commentary on the possible implications of artificial intelligence, especially the potential dangers of unchecked development. It also reflects on how technology can impact human relationships, especially the nuances and subtleties of communication, empathy, and compassion.

Animation movies tend to be light-hearted and aimed at younger audiences, but Next Gen deals with some profound and serious themes that are appropriate for viewers of all ages. The film's pacing ensures that it never gets bogged down with heavy themes but maintains a delicate balance, sprinkling subtle messages throughout the tale.

The visual effects in the movie are breathtaking, and the animated world is a dazzling spectacle that captures the essence of setting the story in a futuristic world. The voice acting is top-notch, with each character bringing their unique style into the mix.

Overall, Next Gen is a well-written and engaging movie that tackles some profound themes in a visually stunning world. It is an excellent addition to the genre of animated adventure movies and offers a fresh take on what the future may have in store for mankind.

Next Gen is a 2018 animated movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.6.

Next Gen
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    6.6  (18,932)