Nite Tales

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This is a two-picture movie. Both movies are hosted by the famous Flava Flav. Both movies are about murder and the like. In the first movie, a woman named Karma teaches people that stealing is bad. She does this, however, in such a frightening way. This woman literally scares people to death. Thieves will think twice after receiving a piece of Karma's mind.

The second movie is about a woman named Storm. This woman convinces students that all legends are not fake. Their are legends that will truly haunt people forever. Storm teaches these students not to laugh whenever people sense danger from the past.

| 2008 | 1 hr 33 min | 4.1/10
Flavor Flav, Dante Basco, Chico Benymon, Andrea Bogart
Deon Taylor
Nite Tales
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