One Bad Cat

"The Reverend Albert Wagner Story"
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One Bad Cat is the story of how art is the one constant thread in the rough-and-tumble life of artist Reverend Albert Wagner. His entire life has seemingly been one controversy after another. His big ego and constant battles with racism continually threaten his likelihood. Later in life, he discovers religion and is inspired to begin to paint. Within a short period of time, he achieves fame mostly by selling his artwork to conservative, rich art buyers. One Bad Cat examines the life of this larger-than-life character and explores how he changed from a center of controversy to a painter championed by the art establishment.

| 2008 | 1 hr 21 min | 8.4/10
Albert Wagner, Delroy Lindo, Camille Billops, Lena Calloway
Thomas G. Miller
One Bad Cat
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Also directed by Thomas G. Miller