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  • 1931
  • 1 hr 22 min
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One Heavenly Night is a delightful musical comedy film from 1930 directed by George Fitzmaurice and starring John Boles, Evelyn Laye, and Leon Errol. Set in 18th-century Vienna, the film tells the story of an American opera singer named Karl Roder who travels to Vienna to perform in Mozart's Don Giovanni. He falls in love with a beautiful Austrian Countess named Helene, but a series of comic misunderstandings and obstacles threaten to prevent them from being together.

The film opens with Karl Roder arriving in Vienna, where he is welcomed by his friend, the comedic Count Willy Raveau (played by Leon Errol). Before long, Karl meets the lovely Countess Helene, who is also performing in the same opera. They are instantly smitten with each other, but their romance is hindered by a jealous rival, the Baron von Burgen (played by Edward Everett Horton), who is also vying for Helene's affections.

Karl's friend Count Raveau, who always seems to be in trouble, adds to the confusion with his own romantic troubles. He is trying to avoid marrying a woman named Pepi (played by Una Merkel), whom his father has arranged for him to wed. Pepi, however, is determined to marry Raveau and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Amidst all the romantic entanglements, the opera itself unfolds on stage, providing a stunning backdrop for the love stories to unfold. The film features many musical sequences, including scenes from the Don Giovanni opera, which are beautifully staged and choreographed.

As the story progresses, Karl and Helene's love becomes more complicated. Baron von Burgen hatches a plan to discredit Karl and ruin his reputation, but his attempt backfires when Karl is able to prove his innocence. Despite this, Karl's opera company is forced to leave Vienna, leaving Helene heartbroken.

The film reaches its climax when Karl returns to Vienna to sing for Helene, who has fallen ill from a broken heart. In a scene filled with beauty and romance, Karl sings to her from her balcony, and she is suddenly cured of her illness.

One Heavenly Night is a charming film that captures the essence of Vienna in the 18th century, with its music, culture, and romantic allure. The film is filled with comedic moments, a memorable score, and outstanding performances from the cast, particularly John Boles and Evelyn Laye. It's a perfect example of the musical comedies that were popular in Hollywood during the early sound period and a delightful treat for lovers of classic Hollywood cinema.

In conclusion, One Heavenly Night is a charming film worth watching for its memorable music, romantic storyline, and talented cast. It is a showcase of Hollywood's golden age, where film and music blend beautifully to create an unforgettable experience for viewers.

One Heavenly Night
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