One Shot: Inchindown

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  • 2019
  • 91 hr

One Shot: Inchindown is a thrilling and heartwarming documentary that takes viewers on a journey to uncover a forgotten piece of World War II history, hidden deep in the Scottish Highlands. The movie centers around Simon Riddell, a passionate sound engineer, who sets out to capture the longest reverberation in the world inside an underground oil storage tunnel called Inchindown. The tunnel, which was carved out of solid rock during the war, was used to store millions of gallons of fuel for the British Navy, and was so secret that it was never marked on any maps.

The film opens with Simon Riddell recounting his childhood fascination with sound and his deep appreciation for the natural acoustics of the Scottish Highlands. His dream is to set the record for capturing the longest reverberation, and to do so, he needs to find the perfect location - a location that will allow sound waves to bounce and echo for as long as possible. After years of research, Simon discovers the underground tunnels of Inchindown and immediately sets out to explore them.

The documentary traces Simon's journey from his initial exploration of the tunnels to his recruitment of a team of experts, including David Allen, Lucie Treacher, and Preston White, to help him capture and document the sound of the tunnels. Together, they face numerous challenges, from climbing down pipes and crawling through narrow passages to dealing with the constant threat of floods and cave-ins.

The challenges don't end there, however. Once the team reaches the heart of the tunnel, they realize that they need to create a sound that can reverberate for over a minute, which requires a massive explosion. Without giving too much away, the way they go about creating the sound is nothing short of extraordinary and serves as a testament to the human spirit of creativity and determination.

One Shot: Inchindown is not just a documentary about sound engineering or a forgotten World War II history. It is also a story of people coming together to pursue a dream and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges in the process. Simon's unwavering passion for sound, the expertise of his team, and their collective desire to capture the longest reverberation in the world is inspiring and speaks to the best of what we can accomplish when we come together.

The beauty of the Scottish Highlands is another character that plays a central role in the movie. The film showcases breathtaking vistas and footage of the landscape that serves as a reminder of how much our natural environment can inspire and amaze us. The sound of the wind and the echo of footsteps only add to the film's immersive experience, transporting viewers to Inchindown and making them feel like they're right there with the team as they work on capturing the longest reverberation.

In conclusion, One Shot: Inchindown is a must-watch documentary that combines history, engineering, and human spirit in a way that is both fascinating and heartwarming. Simon Riddell and his team's pursuit of the longest reverberation in the world is an extraordinary tale of passion, creativity, and determination that is sure to inspire anyone who watches it. Combined with stunning landscapes and an immersive sound experience, One Shot: Inchindown is a true cinematic gem that should not be missed.

One Shot: Inchindown is a 2019 documentary with a runtime of 91 hours.

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