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  • 1947
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Out of the Blue is a 1947 film noir directed by Leigh Jason and starring Virginia Mayo, George Brent, and Turhan Bey. The movie tells the story of Harry Morgan (Brent), a lonely ex-naval officer who, after being laid off from his job as a civilian employee in San Diego, travels to several small towns across America, taking menial jobs to make ends meet. One day, he arrives in Pebble Beach, California, a wealthy enclave near Monterey, where he is offered a job as a chauffeur by Mrs. Elizabeth Carson (Mayo), a beautiful and wealthy woman who lives alone in a mansion overlooking the ocean.

Harry soon discovers that Mrs. Carson is a heavy drinker and that she is deeply unhappy in her marriage to a philandering and neglectful husband. Despite their differences in social status and age, Harry and Mrs. Carson develop a close and intimate relationship, sharing their fears and dreams with each other. However, their idyllic affair is threatened by the machinations of Sharkey (Bey), a sinister and enigmatic gangster who has reasons to hate Harry from their past.

Sharkey's appearance in Pebble Beach sets in motion a chain of events that leads to violence and tragedy, forcing Harry and Mrs. Carson to confront the dark secrets of their past and present. As the police and the FBI investigate the murder of a local businessman, Harry and Mrs. Carson try to elude Sharkey's revenge, but find themselves trapped in a web of deceit and danger.

Out of the Blue is a gripping noir drama that combines romantic tension with hard-boiled action. The movie benefits from the nuanced performances of Brent and Mayo, who convey the complex emotions and motivations of their characters with subtlety and conviction. Brent, a suave and underrated leading man of the era, gives Harry a world-weary yet dignified demeanor, reflecting the disillusionment and alienation of postwar America. Mayo, on the other hand, gives Mrs. Carson a vulnerable and passionate aura, making her much more than just a femme fatale archetype.

The supporting cast also shines, particularly Bey, who steals every scene he is in with his menacing charm and hypnotic voice. Sharkey is one of the most memorable villains of film noir, a charismatic and ruthless gangster who exudes danger and menace with every word and gesture. The movie also benefits from the direction of Leigh Jason, who imbues the story with a dreamy yet foreboding atmosphere, using shadows and camera angles to create a sense of unease and danger.

Out of the Blue is also notable for its frank and mature treatment of adult themes, such as infidelity, alcoholism, and depression. The movie does not shy away from portraying the complexities of human relationships, depicting Harry and Mrs. Carson as flawed and conflicted individuals who seek solace in each other's company. The movie also tackles issues of class and morality, showing the contrast between Harry's working-class background and Mrs. Carson's privileged lifestyle.

Overall, Out of the Blue is a classic film noir that deserves more recognition and appreciation. With its memorable cast, moody cinematography, and tense storyline, the movie remains a testament to the enduring appeal of the genre, and a reminder of the dark and fascinating side of human nature.

Out of the Blue
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