Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

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"Caught in a future world, his only escape is back in time."
  • 1983
  • 1 hr 23 min
  • 2.3  (2,571)

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank is a science fiction movie from 1983 starring Raul Julia, Arnie Achtman, and Paula Barrett. The movie is set in the future where society has become increasingly reliant on technology to help manage their daily lives. The central character of the story is a man named Aram Fingal, played by Raul Julia, who becomes dissatisfied with his mundane life and decides to escape into a virtual reality world by overdrawing his memory bank.

The movie explores the idea of escapism through technology and the consequences that may arise from such actions. Aram Fingal is a low-level worker who spends most of his time working for a corporation known as L-Guard. He becomes increasingly bored with his job, his monotonous routine, and his surroundings, which drives him to find a way out.

Aram Fingal discovers that he can enter a virtual reality world called CHAYN by overdrawing his memory bank. In this virtual world, he transforms into a chimpanzee and becomes part of a resistance movement that opposes the oppressive rule of the corporation that controls both the real world and the virtual world.

While in CHAYN, Aram Fingal meets a woman named Apollonia, played by Paula Barrett, who is also part of the resistance movement. Together they explore the virtual world and plan a mission to prevent the corporation from destroying a vital ecosystem. However, their actions in CHAYN begin to have real-world consequences, and soon Aram Fingal must find a way to balance his duties in the real world with his desire to remain in the virtual world.

The movie touches on themes of exploitation, environmentalism, and the balance between freedom and control. The corporation that controls both the real and virtual worlds is portrayed as a ruthless entity that prioritizes profits over people's well-being. The resistance movement tries to balance the corporation's power by advocating for the environment and promoting a sense of community.

Raul Julia delivers an exceptional performance in this movie. His character, Aram Fingal, is a complex figure who is both sympathetic and flawed. Aram Fingal's desire for escape may resonate with many viewers who have experienced similar feelings of boredom and stagnation. Paula Barrett's Apollonia is also a standout performance, she portrays a strong and charismatic character who is willing to fight for what she believes in.

The movie's visual effects are not particularly impressive by today's standards, but they were innovative for the time. The virtual reality world of CHAYN is colorful and vibrant, with memorable scenes that include a chase through a jungle environment and a battle on a beach. The soundtrack of the movie is also noteworthy, with a catchy synthesizer score that complements the movie's futuristic atmosphere.

Overall, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank is a thought-provoking movie that explores themes of escapism, environment, and corporate greed. It may not have the same impact as it did during its release in 1983, but it is still an enjoyable watch that can appeal to fans of science fiction and those seeking a deeper message within a movie.

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
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    1 hr 23 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    2.3  (2,571)