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In this thriller, a man in prison forms a friendship with a dying prisoner. A prison guard with a penchant for toying with the prisoners under his watch in a cruel and sadistic way is the same man responsible for the condition of the dying man. He's empowered by the fact that he believes he's above the law due to his position. The man who befriended the dying prisoner pledges to seek revenge on the guard. In exchange for this pledge, the dying man tells him about a hidden stash of money. The prisoner dies and the other man is eventually released.

Things start out as planned, with the man carrying out his promise to track down the guard and avenge his friend's death. When he finds the guard again, he's surprised to find that the man is now handicapped. This still doesn't deter him from his intention of keeping his word. However, it's the guard's alluring wife who turns out to be more of a distraction. While he initially fights his attraction to the guard's wife, matters soon become more complicated than he intended, especially when the search for the hidden stash of cash is factored into the equation.

| 1994 | | 5.8/10
C. Thomas Howell, Joan Severance, Marshall Bell, Richard Burgi
Anthony Hickox
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