People of the Wind

"There are two hundred miles of impassable mountains to cross. There are no towns, no roads, no bridges. There is no turning back."
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What hardships will people go through to get to their destination? People of the Wind will show you what thousands of men, women and children went through to get to their destination. Having two hundred miles to travel with animals of all species, totally close to one million, this documentary movie shows what the Bakhitiary people went through to reach their destination. There were many hardships for these people but they kept going through some of the most beautiful country. Seeing how these people live and dress is a real eye opener. They stopped for nothing until reaching their destination.

1976 | 1 hr 50 min | 8.0/10
James Mason, Shusha
Produced By
Anthony Howarth, David Koff
People of the Wind
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Also starring Shusha