Playing House

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This suspense thriller has newlyweds, Jen and Mitch who cannot afford their dream house, inviting a friend, Danny to live with them. The arrangement works well for all of them, until Danny brings Blair into the picture. Blair is beautiful seductress and is soon trying to seduce Mitch. He then begins behaving differently towards Jen. Blair, wanting Danny out of the way kills him and because Mitch is falling under her spell, he allows her to continue living in their house.

The suspense thickens when Blair is confronted from a past acquaintance telling her she knows how Blair's boyfriends keep turning up dead. Blair's true nature is revealed when Mitch turns down her attentions and there is terrifying confrontation between them.

2010 | 1 hr 24 min | 4.1/10
Craig Welzbacher, Sarah Prikryl, Mayra Leal, Matt Lusk
UV Pictures
Tom Vaughan
Produced By
Dolly Hall, Chris Uettwiller, Courtney Wulfe
Playing House
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