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  • 2019
  • 73 hr
  • 5.4  (138)

Port of Escape is a gripping crime thriller from 1956, directed by Mark Robson, and starring Googie Withers, John McCallum, and Bill Kerr. The movie is set in a prison located on an island in the Bass Strait, off the coast of Tasmania. The story follows the escape attempts of two prisoners, Nicky (John McCallum) and Digby (Bill Kerr), who are serving long sentences for different crimes. The prison colony is located in a remote and isolated area, surrounded by treacherous water and harsh weather conditions, which make every escape attempt very challenging.

The film starts with a new arrival at the prison colony, a woman named Toni (Googie Withers), who has been sent to the island for attempting to murder her cheating husband. Toni is a tough and resourceful woman who soon catches the eyes of both Nicky and Digby. They hatch a plan to escape the prison island by stealing a fishing boat and navigating through the dangerous waters to reach the mainland.

The tension in Port of Escape builds as the characters struggle with the harsh conditions and the constant threat of being caught. The characters' interactions and relationships are complex, with secrets and betrayals woven throughout. Toni, Nicky, and Digby are desperate to break free from the constraints of their surroundings, but their motivations and loyalties are not always clear.

The film is set against a stunning backdrop of craggy coasts and choppy waters, which add to the sense of isolation and danger. The prison itself is a bleak and foreboding place, with high walls and watchtowers that convey a sense of claustrophobia and confinement.

The performances in Port of Escape are strong and nuanced, with Googie Withers bringing a depth and complexity to her role as Toni. John McCallum's Nicky is a charismatic and resourceful character, while Bill Kerr's Digby is a more hapless figure. The supporting cast is also excellent, with well-drawn characters who convey the sense of desperation and hopelessness that comes with being held in a prison colony.

Port of Escape has a fast-paced and engaging storyline that keeps the viewer watching until the very end. The film's themes of freedom and confinement, loyalty and betrayal, and the struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment, resonate with viewers today, more than sixty years after the film was released.

Overall, Port of Escape is a gripping and atmospheric crime thriller that explores the darker edges of human nature. The film's excellent performances and well-crafted storyline make it a true classic of its genre, and a must-see for fans of crime drama.

Port Of Escape
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