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  • 1995
  • 10 min

The movie Premonition is a psychological thriller released in 2007. Directed by Mennan Yapo and written by Bill Kelly, the film centers around the life of Linda Hanson, played by Sandra Bullock, a suburban housewife who has been gifted with the ability to see future events unfold. The film takes a nonlinear approach to storytelling, beginning with the funeral of Linda's husband, Jim, played by Julian McMahon. The viewer is then taken back a few days to the mundane routine of Linda's family life. In the middle of the night, Linda is startled awake by a phone call telling her that her husband has died in a car accident. Linda is understandably distraught and spends the rest of the day in a total haze.

The next day, Linda wakes up to find Jim alive and well. Linda is thoroughly confused and tries to make sense of the situation. She brushes it off as a dream and goes about her day. The following day, Linda wakes up to find that Jim is once again dead, but this time the circumstances are different.

As the days pass, Linda realizes that she is bouncing back and forth through time, seeing different versions of the future. Linda must use her premonitions to solve the mystery of her husband's death and prevent it from happening again. The film is a race against time as Linda jumps back and forth from the future to the present, trying to put the pieces together.

While trying to make sense of the events that have unfolded, Linda seeks the help of a priest named Father Kennedy, played by Nia Long, whom she confides in about her gift. Through her discussions with the priest, Linda begins to understand that her experiences are not just a manifestation of her innermost fears, but a message from a higher power.

The film tackles themes of grief, love, and sacrifice. It explores what one would do to protect their loved ones and the different paths that fate can take.

Sandra Bullock delivers an impressive performance as a distraught housewife struggling to make sense of her gift while trying to save her family. Her portrayal of a woman on the brink is raw and intense, making the audience feel her pain and confusion.

The cast also includes Shyann McClure and Courtnee Draper, who play Linda's two daughters. Both bring an excellent dynamic to the film and add depth to Linda's personal struggles. Julian McMahon as Jim Hanson plays the role of a troubled husband trying to make amends with his wife. He delivers a solid performance, bringing a touch of vulnerability to the character.

The film also has an excellent soundtrack. The music helps set the tone of each scene, adding to the eeriness of Linda's premonitions, and creating a sense of urgency as Linda races against time to save her husband.

Overall, the movie Premonition is a thought-provoking film that keeps the viewer engaged from beginning to end. With its nonlinear approach and strong performances from the cast, Premonition delivers an original take on the concept of time travel, making it a must-watch for any fan of the psychological thriller genre.

Premonition is a 1995 short with a runtime of 10 minutes.

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