Property Is No Longer a Theft

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  • 1973
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In Elio Petri's 1973 film Property Is No Longer a Theft, Ugo Tognazzi plays Total, a bank clerk who has had enough of the capitalist system that is crushing the little man. Set in Rome, the film follows Total as he becomes increasingly disillusioned with the world around him and seeks to exact revenge on those he believes are responsible for his miserable existence.

The film opens with Total as a young boy stealing a toy from a store. When he is caught, the store owner's wife insists that he be punished severely, leading to a lifelong resentment of private property. As an adult, Total is a bank clerk, but he is also a thief, stealing small amounts of money from his employer and using it to support his meager existence.

Total's life changes when he meets a prostitute named Anita (Daria Nicolodi), who shows him kindness and begins a sexual relationship with him. However, Total is still tormented by his hatred of capitalism and the wealthy. He begins to stalk his boss, a high-powered bank executive, and becomes obsessed with exposing the rampant corruption and greed that he believes is destroying society.

As Total's obsession grows, he decides to turn to more extreme measures to make his point. He starts to steal from the wealthy and redistribute their wealth to the poor in his community. He also begins to target his boss directly, stealing from his home and making anonymous calls to the police accusing him of illegal activities.

Through Total's actions, the film explores themes of greed, inequality, and the destructive nature of capitalism. It also delves into the psychology of the individual who is pushed to the edge by an unfair system and is forced to take matters into their own hands.

Flavio Bucci co-stars in the film as Total's nemesis, a pompous and wealthy butcher who becomes the target of Total's thefts. Through their interactions, the film contrasts the working-class Total with the privileged butcher, highlighting the stark differences in their lifestyles and values.

Cinematographer Luigi Kuveiller captures the bittersweet essence of Rome, with its varied settings, from the elegant villas of the wealthy to the dark backstreets of the city where Total scavenges for food. The film's score, composed by Ennio Morricone, complements the mood of the film perfectly, evoking Total's frustration and rage at the injustices of the world around him.

Overall, Property Is No Longer a Theft is a biting critique of the capitalist system and its impact on individuals. It's also a compelling character study, with Tognazzi delivering a standout performance as a man pushed to the brink by his anger and resentment. The film is a must-see for anyone interested in the intersection of politics and art.

Property Is No Longer a Theft
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