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  • 1949
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Ranger of Cherokee Strip is a classic western movie from 1949. The main character, Monte Hale, plays a ranger who is tasked with keeping the peace in the Cherokee Strip, a region in Oklahoma that was only recently opened up for settlement. The movie opens with a group of settlers arriving in the Cherokee Strip. They are eager to claim their land and start new lives, but they quickly realize that not everyone is happy about their arrival. There are several groups of outlaws who have taken up residence in the area, and they are determined to drive the settlers out.

Monte Hale's character, Ranger Tom Devlin, is determined to stop the outlaws and protect the settlers. He is aided in his quest by his trusty sidekick, a cowboy named Smiley (played by Paul Hurst). Together, they take on the outlaws, using their wits and their skills with a gun to keep the peace.

One of the outlaws they encounter is a young woman named Della (played by Alix Talton). Della is initially hostile to Tom and Smiley, but they eventually win her over and convince her to help them fight the other outlaws. Along the way, Tom and Della develop a romantic relationship, adding another layer of complexity to the story.

Throughout the movie, there are several action-packed scenes, including shootouts and chases on horseback. The cinematography captures the rugged beauty of the western landscape, with sweeping shots of the plains and canyons. The score is also memorable, featuring upbeat western tunes that set the mood for the action on screen.

One of the themes that emerges in Ranger of Cherokee Strip is the clash between old and new ways of life. The settlers represent progress and modernity, while the outlaws represent the old ways of the Wild West. Tom and Smiley find themselves caught in the middle, trying to bridge the gap between these two worlds.

Overall, Ranger of Cherokee Strip is a classic western that delivers plenty of action, romance, and drama. It's a great choice for fans of the genre and anyone who appreciates good storytelling and classic Hollywood filmmaking.

Ranger Of Cherokee Strip
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