Stolen Women: Captured Hearts

"She was a beautiful woman abducted by a Sioux warrior. Now she must choose between the world she lost and the love she found."
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In 1868, Kansas, two women, Anna and Sarah, are kidnapped by a group of Lakota men. The women are taken back to the Lakota Village and held captive. While Sarah can only dream of escape, Anna adapts well to the Lakota life. But as an opportunity arises, the women do make an escape attempt. They were unsuccessful. During their recapture, Anna realizes she is in love with her captor.

After months of searching, Genreal Custer finds the women and negoqtiates their release. When only Sarah leaves, General Custer threatens to hang the Lakota Chief.

1997 | | 7.4/10
Janine Turner, Jean Louisa Kelly, Patrick Bergin, William Shockley
Jerry London
Stolen Women: Captured Hearts
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Also starring Janine Turner