A Holiday for Love

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The movie, A Holiday for Love, is about an up and coming business executive named Jake Peterson (Tim Matheson). Jake is given his big break when he gets sent to a town to fire some of the employees of a tractor factory. The company makes farm equipment, but they are struggling to pay their bills. Jake made the decision that he would save the company money by cutting jobs at the factory. Jake also makes the decision to send some of his executives to the factories they own, and see if there is anything that can be changed in the factories to make ends meet.

Based on the results of the executives' findings from the factories, Jake may make the decision to close a few of the factories. When Jake gets to the small village in Nebraska, the townsmen mistake his identity for somebody else. Jake had started his life in this small town, but his mother moved them out of the town when Jake's parents got divorced. The towns men think he is there to save the town, not destroy it. Jake doesn't like this mistake as it makes him feel uncomfortable. Things get even worse for Jake when he falls in-love with a factory employee named Emma Murphy (Melissa Gilbert).

Emma has a daughter named Noelle (Michelle Trachtenberg), and Noelle thinks that Jake is Santa clause. Jake gets stuck in a snow storm, and this is when he meets Emma and Noelle. The company mistakes Jake's story for wanting to save the town, but Jake's story spins out of control with lies. Emma's dad and brother also work her factory, so they want to believe that Jake was sent to help. Jake knows that his decision to downsize the company will have bad consequences on the local economy, and he starts to feel bad that he is lying to the love of his life.

| 1996 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.7/10
Tim Matheson, Melissa Gilbert, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jayne Eastwood
Jerry London
A Holiday for Love
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