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"A man dreams of winning. A woman dreams of loving. A dreamer dreams of both."
  • PG
  • 1979
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 5.4  (235)

Dreamer is a 1979 drama film that tells the story of a retired horse trainer who is offered the chance to train a promising horse that was injured during a race. The movie stars Tim Matheson as Sonny, Susan Blakely as Charlene, and Jack Warden as Doc. The story begins with Sonny, who used to be a successful horse trainer, now down on his luck and working as a stable hand at a racetrack. One day, he is given the opportunity to train a young thoroughbred racehorse named Soñador, which means 'dreamer' in Spanish, owned by Charlene, a wealthy woman who is new to the world of horse racing.

Soñador is a gifted horse with a lot of potential, but he suffered an injury during a race that left him with a broken leg. Charlene believes that he can still be a great racehorse and offers Sonny the job of training and rehabilitating him. Sonny is hesitant at first, but with the encouragement of his daughter, Cale, who has a natural bond with horses, he decides to take on the challenge.

As Sonny begins to work with Soñador, he realizes that the horse has a lot of heart and determination. With Cale's help, he takes a compassionate approach to training and rehabilitation, giving the horse time to heal and build up his strength. Over time, Soñador begins to make progress and it becomes clear that he has the potential to become a great racehorse.

However, Charlene's husband, Palmer, who is also her business partner, does not believe that Soñador is worth investing in and puts pressure on her to sell the horse. Charlene, who has grown close to Sonny and Cale, refuses to give up on the horse and decides to keep investing in his training.

As the days pass, Soñador becomes stronger and healthier, and Sonny and Cale develop a strong bond with the horse. However, their happiness is short-lived when Soñador suffers another injury during a race that puts his future in jeopardy.

The rest of the film revolves around the relationship between Sonny and Cale, the struggles they face trying to save Soñador, and the emotions that arise as they begin to contemplate the possibility of losing him forever.

Overall, Dreamer is a heartwarming drama that touches on themes such as perseverance, hope, and the bond between humans and animals. It is a story about second chances and the power of love and determination to overcome obstacles. With exceptional performances from Tim Matheson, Susan Blakely, and Jack Warden, Dreamer is a must-watch for anyone who loves horses, as well as those who appreciate a well-crafted drama with a strong emotional impact.

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    5.4  (235)