The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay

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  • NR
  • 2003
  • 1 hr 24 min
  • 6.5  (807)

The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay is a heartwarming and charming movie released in 2003. It is directed by Sam W. Orender and produced by Brad Krevoy, great fans of family drama genre. The movie revolves around a teenage girl, Alison Dodge (played by Kristen Bell), who has a strained relationship with her father, Wes (played by Tim Matheson), who left their family when she was a young girl. Her mother remarried and she has a good relationship with her stepfather.

The movie opens with Alison receiving a letter from her estranged father, inviting her to spend the summer with him in Moonlight Bay, a small town in California where he now lives. Despite her reluctance, Alison agrees to the plan when she finds out that her dad has terminal cancer, which he had not shared with her earlier. She wants to spend as much time as possible with her dad before it's too late.

When Alison arrives, she is stunned to discover that her father is living in a beach resort with a booming business, guests, and friends. The father-daughter bonding has a rough start because Wes is reluctant to share his painful medical condition. However, they slowly start bonding and enjoying each other’s company. During her stay, Alison gets acquainted with some great people in the town, such as Jake (played by Ed Asner), the proprietor of a general store who has known her father for years.

As they spend more time together, Alison learns more about her father's past, his love for music, and his disappointments in life. She also learns about her family tree, about her grandmother (played by Sean Young), who passed away before Alison was born. She is a stern and strong-willed lady, who Wes's people feared because of her strong personality.

Alison also meets Nick (played by Sean Young’s son, Quinn Martin), a young guitarist, and Wes's protégé, who is living in the same beach resort where they are staying, pursuing his music career. Initially, Nick and Alison don’t get along well, because of his rebellious and bohemian lifestyle. However, with time, they warm up to each other, and Nick helps Alison understand her father's passion for music. As they work together, Alison develops feelings for Nick but finds it tough to disclose them as the relationship between her parents is not smooth.

Even with all the heartwarming moments from father-daughter bonding, the movie hits some rough patches, portraying the real-life struggles that loved ones face when a terminally ill person is involved. These struggles are shown in a way that will make the audience feel the pain and relate to it. Alison’s mother, stepfather, and a family friend testify to this, as they come to support Wes in his final days.

Throughout the movie, the scenic coastline of the small town Moonlight Bay gives a picturesque view to the viewers that they will remember for days to come. The movie has some great soundtracks that portray Wes's love for music and the beach.

Overall, The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay is a heartwarming and emotional family drama that delves into the depths of life, death, and the love and strength that hold families together. The acting of all the characters is phenomenal, and the story portrays themes that are relatable to anyone with a family. This movie is a must-watch for anyone looking for a meaningful and heartwarming drama that will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the emotional bonds that tie us all.

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