Love Crimes

"He's a master of seduction. Every woman's fantasy. Every woman's nightmare. In order to trap him, a female district attorney will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Herself."
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Love Crimes is a romantic thriller that takes you on an erotic journey as an assistant district attorney tries to seduce and apprehend a psychopath. To accomplish this, assistant district attorney Dana Greenway forms an alliance with police lieutenant Maria Johnson to pursue a serial sexual predator identified as David Hanover. David Hanover passes himself off as a distinguished photographer and eventually encounters Greenway. In her attempt to work undercover, Greenway lets herself be seduced and photographed nude by Hanover. Through a series of erotic events Greenway comes to grips with and gives into her own submissive desires. Her partner then suspects she may be in way over her head.

While it is clear to see what Greenway's fate will be with Hanover, she fights to regain control of her senses and gain the upper hand on Hanover.

| 1992 | | 4.2/10
Sean Young, Patrick Bergin, Arnetia Walker, James Read
Love Crimes
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Also directed by Lizzie Borden