Endless Bummer

"NO Pants, NO Shoes, NO Problem!"
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Endless Bummer follows the adventures of a young surfer and his buddies as they try to retrieve a prized surfboard. J.D. (Khan Chittenden) will be heading to college in the fall, and he wants to spend his last summer in his Ventura, California, hometown, surfing on his new custom surfboard. As soon as his new board is ready, J.D. goes to the beach for a trial run, but he quickly takes a tumble. Once he recovers his senses, J.D. cannot find his board. He seeks help from his friends Lardo (Ray Santiago) and Sparky (Colton James), who help J.D. realize that the surfboard must have been stolen.

After meeting up with Moonie (Matthew Lillard), the local surfer guru, the guys talk to some locals who were at the beach and may have seen something. Del (Joan Jett) and Brenda (Vanessa Angel) help J.D. and his friends uncover the identity of a visiting surfer, Brian Kramer (Andy Fischer-Price), who is the most likely suspect. The guys decide to travel to the San Fernando Valley to confront Brian.

When they arrive at Brian's house, his father Sam (James Remar) explains that his son is not home, but returns the surfboard to J.D. But J.D. wants more than his property; he wants revenge in the form of a beat down. The guys decide to hide in the yard until Brian returns home, and, surprisingly, even Sam agrees that his son deserves some payback.

After confronting his thief, J.D. is ready to head home to Ventura. He and his buddies get in the car to head home, but forget to properly secure the board. On the ride home, the board bounces out of the trunk onto the road. Before J.D. can reach it, another car drives over the surfboard and destroys it. With J.D.'s dream of one last perfect summer shattered, Moonie offers some sage advice to help J.D. appreciate the journey, not just the prized possessions in life.

| 2009 | 1 hr 30 min | 3.8/10
Khan Chittenden, Colton James, Ray Santiago, Allison Scagliotti
Sam Pillsbury
Endless Bummer
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Also starring Khan Chittenden