"Some places can break your heart."
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In this movie, two cousins fall in love with the same girl. Cousins, Peter and Jerry are from Sydney's Western Suburbs. They come from a life of drinking, doing drugs, hanging out and fighting, but one girl, Danielle, changes this type of lifestyle for both of them. Pete is a local drug dealer, but Jerry suddenly, wants to settle down. He gets a job at a fast food restaurant and works for very little pay. Jerry tries to help his cousin lay low from the cops and gets Pete a job. Pete manages to end up getting them both fired.

2007 | 1 hr 39 min | 5.9/10
Khan Chittenden, Nathan Phillips, Gillian Alexy, Michael Dorman
Daniel Krige
Produced By
Matthew Reeder, Anne Robinson
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Also starring Khan Chittenden