Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story

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"Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story" is a made-for-television crime drama movie that premiered in 1992. Based on a true story, the film explores the controversial and sensational case of former policewoman and model Lawrencia "Bambi" Bembenek, who was convicted of murdering her husband's ex-wife. The case grabbed headlines and sparked debate across the United States due to its mix of sexual scandal, allegations of police corruption, and Bembenek's subsequent escape from prison.

The plot centers around Lawrencia Bembenek, portrayed by Lindsay Frost, who is an ambitious young woman with strikingly good looks and a sharp mind. She first appears as a hopeful entrant in beauty pageants, which earns her the moniker "Bambi," and lives a seemingly normal life as a calendar girl. However, Bambi's life takes a dramatic turn when she decides to leave the glamorous world of modeling behind to pursue a more serious and stable career in law enforcement.

Bambi finds that being a female in a male-dominated police force comes with its own set of challenges. The story delves into her struggles as she encounters sexism and harassment within the force. Determined to excel, Bambi works hard but soon becomes disenchanted with the internal politics of the police department.

During this time, Bambi meets and falls in love with a Milwaukee police detective named Fred Schultz, played by Timothy Busfield. Their romantic relationship quickly progresses, and the two marry, in spite of the concerns and disapproval from Fred's colleagues at the police department. As Bambi integrates into Fred's life, she also becomes a stepmother to his children from his previous marriage to Christine Schultz.

The narrative takes a dark turn as the intricacies of the family's dynamics are revealed. The story follows the ups and downs of Bambi's attempts to fit into her new role amidst bitter contention and unresolved conflicts related to Fred's previous marriage. The tension culminates when Christine Schultz is found murdered, and Bambi becomes the prime suspect in the homicide investigation.

The film presents a thorough portrayal of the ensuing trial, which is fraught with controversies and media frenzy. The prosecution argues Bambi as a jealous wife who killed Christine in a fit of rage, painting a vivid picture of a woman scorned. In contrast, the defense and Bambi's supporters argue that the evidence is circumstantial and emphasize the possibility of police cover-ups and incompetence.

John Karlen portrays Bambi's father, an important support figure in her life, who stands by her as the family endures the arduous legal process and media onslaught. The movie shines a light on the family's anguish as they navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system while also having to deal with the court of public opinion forming around Bambi's guilt or innocence.

Throughout the film, questions arise about the integrity of the police department's investigation and the validity of the evidence against Bambi Bembenek. A significant subplot of the movie focuses on the attempts to unravel potential corruption within the police force, adding layers to the story as Bambi's advocates work to reveal the truth.

As the story unfolds, Bambi's case becomes a pop culture phenomenon, with many people doubting her guilt and believing in the conspiracy narratives that suggest her innocence was compromised by a flawed justice system. This polarized public reaction leads to a dedicated following of supporters who rally for Bambi's release and for a re-examination of the evidence.

While exploring the complexities of Bembenek's story, "Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story" offers viewers an inside look into the fascinating and multifaceted aspects of the criminal justice system, the challenges faced by women in law enforcement, and the media's role in shaping public perception of high-profile cases.

Ultimately, the movie captures the drama and tragedy of Bembenek's life as it spirals from a tale of aspiration to one of infamy. It raises questions about truth, justice, and whether the real story behind the murder of Christine Schultz will ever be fully uncovered. Through solid performances and compelling storytelling, "Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story" invites the audience to ponder the innocence or culpability of Lawrencia Bembenek and to consider the larger implications of her case on society's trust in the legal system and law enforcement.

Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story
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