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  • R
  • 2006
  • 1 hr 48 min
  • 6.0  (5,184)

Re-cycle is a 2006 Hong Kong horror film directed by Soi Cheang that explores themes of creation, destruction, and the cyclical nature of life through the story of a successful author named Ting-yin. The movie follows Ting-yin as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and creative fulfillment, only to become trapped in a surreal and terrifying parallel universe where discarded objects and forgotten memories are brought to life.

The film stars Angelica Lee as Ting-yin, a writer who has made a name for herself by authoring popular romance novels. Despite her success, Ting-yin feels unfulfilled creatively and decides to start work on a new project that delves into more psychological and metaphysical themes. However, as she begin to work on her new book, strange things begin to happen around her. She begins to experience an inexplicable connection to the objects she has thrown away and forgotten about, and discovers that her creations are manifesting themselves in the real world.

Eventually, Ting-yin finds herself transported to a parallel universe that is composed entirely of discarded objects and forgotten memories. She finds herself in the company of other lost souls who are also trapped in this alternate world, including an old woman and a young girl. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to escape from the world of Re-cycle and back to the world of the living.

Throughout the film, the audience is treated to stunning visuals and rich, dreamlike sequences that perfectly capture the surreal and otherworldly nature of Ting-yin's journey. Soi Cheang's direction is masterful, using special effects and creative cinematography to create an immersive and terrifying atmosphere.

Re-cycle is a truly unique film that defies easy categorization. While it is technically a horror movie, it is much more focused on exploring the themes of creation, destruction, and personal transformation. The movie is a deeply psychological and philosophical journey that requires careful attention and contemplation from its viewers.

Angelica Lee is excellent in the role of Ting-yin, capturing both the character's vulnerability and her fierce determination to survive. Her performance is supplemented by strong supporting turns from Lawrence Chou and other members of the cast.

Overall, Re-cycle is a must-see film for horror fans who are interested in exploring the genre beyond the usual tropes of jump scares and gore. It is a cerebral film that rewards careful attention and active engagement, offering a unique and unforgettable viewing experience. If you are looking for a movie that is equal parts chilling and thought-provoking, then Re-cycle is definitely worth a watch.

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