Red Rover

"A family. A legacy. A deadly curse."
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This is a horror thriller movie about the discoveries of a brother and sister after their father’s death. When their father dies, these siblings return to their ancestral home. Once they arrive, they find their family legacy involves more than money and land. They come from a family involved in witchcraft and the occult. Strange events keep happening and the two finally realize they are in danger. They have been marked by the enemy of their family for death.

These two will struggle with the concepts of learning their ancestors’ secrets. They must decide if they will follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.

2003 | 1 hr 43 min | 4.6/10
William Baldwin, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Brenda James, Francis X. McCarthy
Marc S. Grenier
Produced By
Lee Faulkner
Red Rover
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