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  • 2007
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 3.6  (736)

Reign of the Gargoyles is a thrilling horror movie released in 2007, directed by Ayton Davis and produced by Richard L. Albert. This epic film stars Joe Penny, best known for his roles in The Gangster Chronicles and Riptide, Wes Ramsey, famous for his work in General Hospital, and Sean Mahon, an Irish actor known for his work in Red Rock and EastEnders.

The movie takes place in Ireland, where an archaeologist named Jack Randall, played by Wes Ramsey, is searching for the remains of a legendary creature known as the Gargoyles. When Jack finally finds the remains, he is ecstatic and excited to tell the world of his findings. However, things take a dark turn when Jack suddenly disappears, and the Gargoyles come to life.

Fiona Lane, played by Julia Rose, Jack's assistant, and lover who becomes worried about Jack's disappearance, hires a group of mercenaries led by the tough and fearless Felix Lehmann, played by Joe Penny. Together, the group seeks to find Jack and stop the Gargoyles, who are terrorizing the local town.

The story is intriguing and mysterious, with the Gargoyles taking center stage. These creatures are portrayed as terrifying and bloodthirsty beings, causing chaos and destruction wherever they go. Each Gargoyle is unique in its appearance and powers, making the audience curious about their origins and nature.

The characters in the movie are well-developed, with Joe Penny's Felix being the standout. He is a tough, no-nonsense character, who takes no prisoners and is willing to do what it takes to save his friends and the town. His interactions with the other characters are interesting to watch, showing his no-nonsense demeanor in contrast with the rest of the group.

The special effects in the movie are impressive, with the Gargoyles being particularly well-designed. The movie employs a lot of practical effects, making the creatures feel more real and terrifying. The CGI is used sparingly but effectively, adding to the overall ambiance of the film.

The scenic landscape of Ireland serves as a beautiful backdrop for the movie, with the misty hills and fields adding to the overall gloominess and eeriness of the film. The score is also well-done, with its haunting orchestration, adding to the feeling of dread and horror.

Overall, Reign of the Gargoyles is a well-done horror movie that keeps the audience engaged and thrilled throughout its entire runtime. With a well-developed plot, exceptional characters, and impressive special effects, this is a movie that fans of the horror genre are sure to enjoy.

Reign of the Gargoyles
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